Monday, November 5, 2012

having a moment with a hexi and an octi...


I can not get the the above hexagon/octagon shapes off my brain.  I'm dreaming of floors, ceilings, moldings and light fixtures.  Then again I have also been dreaming of a husband who won me 5 toys from the toy grabber machine game even retailing for $10.64..dreams these days.

How could one not be happy after having thoughts of a toy grabber machine.


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Katie Waddell said...

Love all those pieces....classics I think! Love the grab machine too! Made me think of when my hubby and I were dating in high school, whenever we were in a store with one of those he HAD to win me a stuffed animal. I still have said collection! ;)

kelleyp said...

hexagons gone wild!
Love them all. I can never tire of them.

aLena said...

LOVE the idea of octagons on the ceiling.. will definitely be saving for inspiration & begging hubby to consent to my demands ;)

Allan Murray said...

Never bored to look at these picture. Yours made an inspiration.

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Jessica Davis said...

You are too sweet. Thank you for featuring my hardware AGAIN!

marketingunscrambled said...

Love those shapes. It is a joy to visit your blog. It has been a while since I came last. It is always a pleasure to come.

James Curtis said...

Good to hear of tat Hexagon shape! In fact space saving shapes, that is why, bees use it to build hives for efficiency with less material to use.

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House Buyers said...

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